Proposal Submission FAQs

Proposal Submission FAQs

Question: What is a good proposal?
Answer: The best proposals begin with a panel abstract that connects all the proposed papers to an overall theme; they are accompanied by clearly focused one-page paper abstracts. The proposal should lay out a set of questions that all presenters will be engaged in considering and demonstrate the panel’s cogency and cohesiveness.

Question: How long can my proposal be?
Answer: 250 words

Question: When is the last possible day I can submit my proposal online?
Answer: Note that the electronic submission site is likely to be very busy around the proposal submission deadline. You are strongly urged to submit your abstract as far in advance of the deadline as possible in order not to experience delays or problems in uploading your material.

Question: Do I need to specify my area or field when I submit my proposal?
Answer: As an individual paper submitter, you are required to choose the content area of your paper to assist the program committee in composing panels. Please note that this may be different than your actual field. Uncategorized papers will be given less consideration than those with specified fields.

Question: I want to submit my paper online, but it is a large document and I can’t upload the file. Can you help?
Answer: Do not upload or send full papers. AAAS requires a brief abstract or description of each paper (not to exceed 250 words). The preferred format for all uploads is pdf (Adobe Acrobat). In addition, do not upload or send CVs longer than two pages.

Question: Do you prefer all CVs and abstracts combined into one file, or may I upload multiple files?
Answer: We prefer that you combine all of your abstracts and CVs for your participants into one file. This lessens the chance of lost files and incomplete submissions.