Board of Directors

Cathy Schlund-Vials
Term: 2016-2018
Professor, English and Asian/Asian American Studies
Director, Asian and Asian American Studies Institute
University of Connecticut, Storrs


Interior West/South Representative
Shilpa Davé
Term: 2016-2019
University of Virgina



Mid-Atlantic Representative
Janelle Wong
Term: 2014-2017
University of Maryland, College Park


Mid-West Representative
Anna Guevarra
Term: 2016-2019
University of Illinois, Chicago



New England/Central and Eastern Canada Representative
Sue Kim
Term: 2016-2019
University of Massachusetts, Lowell


Pacific Northwest, Hawai’i and Pacific Islands, & Western Canada Representative
LeiLani Nishime
Term: 2014-2017
University of Washington, Seattle


Southern California Representative
erin Khue Ninh
Term: 2014-2017
University of California, Santa Barbara


Section Representative
Laura Kina
Term: 2016-2019
DePaul University



Student Representative
Leland Tabares
Term: 2016-2018
Pennsylvania State University