Section Meetings

AAAS members are encouraged to organize Sections to promote intellectual, advocacy, professional, and other kinds of interest groups.

While AAAS does not guarantee panel/presentation allotments for its Sections at the annual conference, the Association supports Section activities by providing space for meetings or workshops. Each Section may submit a request for the use of one room from 2 PM-5 PM on the Wednesday of the conference, and/or for 75 minutes Thursday through Saturday of the conference. Requests will be prioritized in the order they are received, although requests for Thursday-Saturday received by November 1 before the conference will be assured a space. Thereafter, requests are accepted as late as January 31 but assignments are contingent upon room availability at the venue.

Section business and communication with the Association is routed through the Section Representative, that Board member who coordinates Section relations with the Board.

Each Section must designate a chair and chair-elect. Section chairs should inform the Section Representative of important section activities as they occur, and will be asked to submit a short annual report prior to the Board’s fall meeting. This brief report should describe the following:

  • All section activities in the preceding year;
  • Attendance at the most recent meeting; and
  • Any projects that the Section is considering undertaking in the coming year.

To establish a new Section, prospective Section Chairs should send a formal request to the Section Representative, by November 1 before the inaugural conference meeting, which includes the following:

  • Names of elected/selected chair (liaison to the Board) and secretary for your section;
  • Mission statement/purpose of your section;
  • Names of members in your section; and
  • Rationale for a section meeting at the annual AAAS meeting.

Inactive Sections may also, periodically, be prompted to submit the same information in order to request continuance.