Endorsements Proposal Procedures

Endorsements Proposal Procedures

Given its limited resources and the multiple requests received, the AAAS can only engage in limited endorsement or advocacy work. However, in selective cases, the AAAS Board is permitted to endorse a policy or statement, if it meets the criteria below.

AAAS members in good standing can propose that the AAAS endorse a particular stance on academic issues that may be of concern to our members, especially those that threaten tenure, shared governance, and academic freedom. In order to qualify, the member(s) must provide a rationale that highlights the issue’s wide scope and its relevance to the association’s mission, particularly as it relates to “the interests and welfare of Asian American Studies and Asian Americans.”

The AAAS will not support endorsements on behalf of individual tenure cases. Neither does the Association have the resources to advocate for individual programs or departments, though it may do so in exceptional cases where a decision or policy may have wide-reaching implications across academic institutions. The proposing member(s) should also provide information in their rationale about other associations and entities that have taken a similar stance with regard to the specific issue and provide specific information about how their decision or policy would have broad impact beyond their institution.

Proposed endorsements should be submitted to the AAAS Advocacy Committee. If the endorsement is approved by a two-thirds majority of the AAAS Board, then the Board can draft an endorsement statement or sign onto a statement. If the Board decides by two-thirds majority that the endorsement is inappropriate, proposing member(s) will be informed as to why it is deemed outside the scope of endorsement. Depending on the timing and content of the request, the Board may also suggest that the proposal should follow the resolution policies, rather than be submitted as an endorsement to the AAAS Board.

Current and incoming AAAS Board members and staff may not initiate or sponsor endorsements until such time as their elected term or appointment has ended. In education panels or other sessions related to the endorsement, they cannot present, but can moderate or chair these panels or forums.

Endorsements will be publicized to our membership. Members requesting the endorsement will be informed that the endorsement will be made public. All new endorsements will be announced at the Business Meeting at the annual conference.

The AAAS Board will select representatives who can speak to the press/media and answer inquiries regarding the endorsement. These representatives can be current Board members or the Board can designate AAAS members in good standing to speak on their behalf. AAAS members, including former Board members, can speak about the endorsement, but they are representing themselves, not the AAAS.