Conference Registration

2022 Association of Asian American Studies Conference Registration

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PLEASE NOTE: Conference participants must register for the conference by to March 1, 2022  in order to remain listed in the conference program. Conference rates will also double after March 1, 2022 at midnight PST.

Member Rates

AAAS Faculty/Professional ($192)
AAAS International/Faculty ($165)
AAAS Adjunct/Contingent Faculty ($101)
AAAS Unemployed/Retired ($101)
AAAS Graduate Student ($101)
AAAS Post-Doctoral Student ($101)
AAAS International Student ($101)
AAAS Undergraduate Student ($65)
AAAS Community Organizations Per Person ($101)
AAAS Non-Academic Community Organization Member and Artists ($101)
AAAS One-Day Fee ($150)
K-12 Student ($10)


Non-Member Rates

Faculty/Professional ($364)
International Faculty/Professional ($310)
Adjunct/Contingent Faculty ($181)
Unemployed/Retired ($181)
Graduate Student ($181)
Post-Doctoral Student ($181)
International Student ($181)
Undergraduate Student ($115)
Community Organization Per Person ($181)
Non-Academic Community Org Member and Artists ($192)
One-Day Fee ($290)
K-12 Student ($20)

Rates double after March 1, 2022, midnight PST.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All registrants who cancel prior to the conference or do not attend the conference forfeit their entire registration fee. Once you submit your registration you are not entitled to a refund. Please remember that canceling your conference registration does not automatically cancel your hotel and travel arrangements, individuals are responsible for canceling their own hotel and travel reservations.