Reading List – March 2024

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TitleAuthorField / topic
Biopolitical Ethics in Global CinemaSeung-hoon JeongFilm studies, critical theory, world cinema
Teaching Asian America in Elementary ClassroomsNoreen Naseem Rodríguez, Sohyun An & Esther June KimEducation
dear elia: Letters from the Asian American AbyssMimi Khúcmental health, disability studies, critical university studies
California, a Slave StateJean PfaelzerThe history of slavery in California and the American west, including the kidnap and forest labor of Chinese girls during and after the gold rush up through the 1880s, and of Alaskan Natives transported into California by Russia for the otter trade, setting up a pacific slave triangle – – Alaska, California, Canton, and human trafficking of Thai workers for welding on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, and restaurant work, and in the garment industry
Teaching the Invisible Race: Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in SchoolsTony DelaRosa
Refashioning Race: How Global Cosmetic Surgery Crafts New Beauty StandardsAlka MenonScience and technology studies, medical sociology, sociology of race, Asian American Studies, Southeast Asian Studies
The Art of Freedom Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and the Making of Modern IndiaNico Slate