Resolutions Proposal Procedures

Resolutions Proposal Procedures

AAAS members in good standing can propose resolutions on issues that may be of concern to our members. In order to qualify, a proposed resolution must have at least ten (10) sponsors and 100 signatures of AAAS members in good standing for a total of 110 members. Both the resolution and the signatures must be presented to the AAAS Advocacy Committee for AAAS Board consideration at least two months prior to the date of the annual conference in Spring.

The AAAS Board can decide if the resolution would be appropriate for the membership to discuss, debate, and vote on; it may provide suggestions for revisions to the resolution.

If the resolution is approved for consideration by a two-thirds majority of the Board, the resolution will be presented to the membership via email at least one month before the Spring conference.

The resolution will also be presented at the general business meeting at the annual conference in Spring for consideration by the general membership. At least ten (10) members in good standing who are sponsoring the resolution must be present at the general business meeting to explain the merits of the resolution and field questions. Sponsoring members will also serve as primary contact people for the resolution. The resolution will be given at least 15 minutes of time at the business meeting, which is usually one hour.

Additionally, the AAAS Board can reserve a special session(s) for a full discussion of the resolution. Members will be given time to ask questions and debate the pros and cons of the resolution, with Board members moderating the session and providing equal time to all sides, as much as possible.

The AAAS Board will decide by at least a two-thirds majority within 30 days after the Spring conference if more discussion and educational sessions are needed for the membership and if/when a vote by the entire membership should be held. The Board has up to 15 months maximum after the Spring conference when the resolution was introduced to have the issue go up for a vote by the membership. The Board can ask for further clarification on the resolution, make suggestions for revisions to the resolution, and postpone a decision, if circumstances warrant this. The AAAS Board can solicit further feedback, organize educational sessions or panels at the next conference, etc., to ensure that members are aware and educated on the resolution.

All AAAS members in good standing may vote on a submitted resolution. Voting will be conducted electronically. For a resolution to pass, at least half of the members in good standing must vote. For voting purposes, the number of members shall be calculated as of January 1 of the conference year. A simple majority (50% + 1) of those voting is required to approve the resolution. If so approved, the resolution shall be binding on the association.

The resolution should be officially signed with the names of the ten (10) resolution sponsors (or more), particularly those present at the general business meeting. The final resolution can be posted and publicized on the AAAS website. If the AAAS Board decides to write a statement about the resolution, the statement must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the board members.

Current and incoming AAAS Board members and staff may not initiate or sponsor resolutions until such time as their elected term or appointment has ended. In educational panels or other sessions related to the resolution, they cannot present, but can moderate or chair these panels or forums.

The AAAS Board will select representatives who can speak to the press/media and answer inquiries regarding the resolution. These representatives can be current Board members or the Board can designate AAAS members in good standing to speak on their behalf. AAAS members, including former Board Members, can speak about the resolution, but they are representing themselves, not the AAAS.