Assistant Professor of U.S. History and Labor Studies, University of Washington, Tacoma

Screening begins March 22

The University of Washington Tacoma invites applications for a tenure track position in U.S. Labor History, with an emphasis on working-class, and social justice movements in the nineteenth, twentieth, and/or twenty-first centuries. The successful candidate will engage in research and teaching focused on labor and labor related issues as they pertain to social and/or civil rights movements, transnational migration and/or diaspora studies, or related topics of the candidate’s choosing. Positive factors for consideration include, but are not limited to, a record of teaching and research that emphasizes race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class and/or intersectionality, and the ability to teach methods courses in History and Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies.

The successful candidate will be expected to develop a strong research agenda, teach economically and ethnically diverse students, and participate as a member of both the History and Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies majors in the Division of Social and Historical Studies, housed in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. They will be expected to teach U.S. history surveys and Introduction to Labor Studies courses.

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