“Global Anti-Asian Racism” for Asia Shorts | Abstracts Due October 1

Guest Editor: Jennifer Ho (University of Colorado Boulder) Series Editor: David Kenley (Dakota State University)

This special issue of Asia Shorts (Columbia UP) focuses on “Global Anti-Asian Racism,” a phenomenon, particularly in the guise of Yellow Peril, that has endured for centuries around the globe. In Europe and the Americas, Asian immigrants and refugees are and were treated as threats to national security, as well as the society/culture of American (whether US, Latin American, Central American, Caribbean, or Canadian) and European people. Yellow Peril and anti-Asian racism is also found in Africa, Australia, and New Zealand—wherever Asian immigrants and refugees found themselves, anti-Asian sentiments quickly followed.

In the hope that this volume will be widely adopted by specialists and non-specialists alike, as well as serve as a valuable pedagogical resource for teachers, we seek shorter submissions that range in variety—traditional academic essays that have a historical or theoretical orientation or that thematically engage in cross[1]comparative Asian national perspectives—as well as creative and personal pieces that delve into how people have experienced or witnessed anti-Asian racism and/or Yellow Peril from different vantage points and perspectives. While we are currently living in an era of profound and violent anti-Asian racism, the volume seeks perspectives that go beyond our current COVID-19 moment to consider the ways in which anti-Asian racism has persisted across time and space.

  • October 1, 2022: 1-2 page abstracts due (12 point font, double spaced please)
  • April 1, 2023: Essays due (not to exceed 5,000 words, including all notes and works consulted – if anyone wants to include illustrations/graphics, that’s also fine so long as you have permission)
  • May 1, 2023: Feedback on essays sent out (may happen earlier)
  • July 1, 2023: First revisions due
  • Summer/Fall 2023: Page Proofs

Further questions and submissions can be sent to Jennifer Ho: [email protected].

Please submit all materials as Microsoft Word documents named & saved as <LastNameFirstName_Title.docx> — ex: <HoJennifer_GlobalAntiRacism>

Learn more: https://www.asianstudies.org/call-for-proposals-global-anti-asian-racism-for-asia-shorts/