The Asian American / Asian Research Institute has extended the submissions deadline for CUNY FORUM: Asian American / Asian Studies, Volume 11:1 to Monday, March 4, 2024. Volume 11:1 is scheduled for print in Summer 2024.

The purpose of CUNY FORUM is to provide an open space and a public commons for dialogue, debate and divergence from the status quo. The FORUM seeks to create a fresh approach to Asian American scholarship: inclusive of new constituencies, comparative theories and ideas, while inviting writing that seeks to transform a society still polarized by its class, gender, race, and belief-based systems.

We are accepting submissions in the following categories:

  1. Original social science and historical research
  2. Research summaries / practitioners’ essays
  3. Original essays
  4. Literary works
  5. Reviews of literature and media
  6. Graphic artworks

All submissions are reviewed by a combination of the FORUM’s editors and editorial advisors. Original research is subject to additional outside blind review.

Learn more about this opportunity here.