Philosophy (Ethnic Studies Affinity), Assistant Professor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona invites applications for a tenure track faculty ASSISTANT PROFESSOR position in the Philosophy Department in an area related to the study and/or promotion of Philosophy of race or ethnicity, with preference for a focus in Africana or African American philosophy, Asian American philosophy, Chicana/o or Latina/o/x American philosophy, OR Native American philosophy, OR philosophy rooted in the experience and activism of other racialized groups in the US context. We are seeking candidates whose scholarship and teaching will center the experiences and advocacy of one of these racialized groups, exemplify the critical and intersectional methodologies of Ethnic Studies, and complement departmental strengths in critical philosophy of race, feminist philosophy, philosophy of disability, and social and political philosophy. Also, we seek candidates with an active research program as well as a sincere commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching. Teaching duties include lower-division general education courses. ­The position carries a contractually-obligated teaching load of 3/3 in the first two years and 4/4 in the years following, with course-reduction opportunities for research, service, and teaching initiatives.

In line with our university’s learn-by-doing pedagogy, we prefer candidates who demonstrate an interest in developing new high-impact courses related to their area of specialization, or participating in our existing high-impact educational practices, e.g. our Clinical Ethics Practicum, Ethics Bowl, the Senior Project for our program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS), or the annual seminar taught in connection with the California Center for Ethics and Policy (for more information on the CCEP visit:  (For information on high-impact educational practices see:

The new faculty member will be a part of the Ethnic Studies Affinity Faculty and will have the opportunity to engage with a new and permanent Office of Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies Teaching and Scholarship.  This is a space for collaboration across disciplines and methodological vantage points, mentorship, and professional development programming.  The Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies Faculty, and the resources to support them, are a key element of CPP’s ongoing efforts to ensure the flourishing of our diverse students and faculty and be the leading inclusive polytechnic university in the nation.

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