Section Meetings

AAAS members are encouraged to organize Sections to promote intellectual, advocacy, professional, and other kinds of interest groups.

While AAAS does not guarantee panel/presentation allotments for its Sections at the annual conference, the Association supports Section activities by providing space for meetings or workshops.

Please contact Section Representative Christopher Eng ([email protected]) by Oct. 2, 2019 if you wish to schedule a meeting time for your section at the 2020 annual conference, which will be meeting in Washington, DC. Please specify your section’s preference for a Th, Fri, or Sat lunchtime slot (12:15-1:15pm) in the conference schedule.

Thank you to all of the continuing sections for submitting your reports in August 2019 on your meeting from last April 2019. Please let the Sections Representative know if there have been any changes in the contact info for the designated representatives/chairs.

If you wish to begin a new section, please send a formal request that includes the following:

  • Names of elected/selected chair (liaison to the Board) and secretary for your section;
  • Mission statement/purpose of your section;
  • Names of members in your section; and
  • Rationale for a section meeting at the annual AAAS meeting.

Please note that new section proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, but new sections who wish to meet at the 2020 conference must apply by Oct 2nd to be considered for the conference program.


Thursday, 11:45am to 12:45pm

SC1. Asian Settler Colonialism Section, Meeting Room 2

SC2. Queer Section, Meeting Room 3

SC3. Southeast Asian Section, Meeting Room 4


8:15am to 9:15pm

SC4. West Asian American Section, Meeting Room 5

11:45am to 12:45pm

SC5. South Asian Section, Meeting Room 3

SC6. Social Sciences Studies Section, Meeting Room 4

SC7. Critical Adoption Studies Section, Meeting Room 6

SC8. CHALIS (Cultural Heritage, Archives, Libraries and Information Science) Section, Meeting Room 9

SC9. History Section, Meeting Room 10

SC10. Religion Section, Meeting Room 11

SC11. Asian American Feminisms Section, Meeting Room 15

SC12. Undergraduate Section, Meeting Room 16

Saturday, 11:45am to 12:45pm

SC13. Filipinx and Filipinx American Studies Section, Congressional Ballroom A

SC14. East of California Section, Conference Room 1

SC15. Critical Mixed Race Studies Section, Meeting Room 5

SC16. Hmong Section, Meeting Room 6

SC17. Scholar Activist Section, Meeting Room 9