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Hear from 2022 Awardees

If you missed the in-person awards ceremony at the close of the 2022 annual conference, in Denver, CO, you can still hear the thoughtful tributes to the awardees. Our video captures each award committee’s reflections on the career, community organization, and book awardees. In each case the award recognizes years of dedicated work, and we hope this recognition gives at least some reflection that we see you, and appreciate what you have given us. Please take a few minutes to appreciate what our members have accomplished.

Hear acceptance remarks from several winners and honorable mentions of our book awards: Greg Robinson, Jana K. Lipman, Long Le-Khac, E.J. Koh, Marianne Chan, Sean Metzger, and Christine Hong.

Hear from three winners of AAAS’s general awards from 2022: Adrian De Leon (Engaged Scholar Award), Celine Parreñas Shimizu (Excellence in Mentoring), and Sam Ikehara (Best Graduate Paper).