Awards Available

To submit a nomination for the annual AAAS Awards, please complete the below form by JANUARY 15, 2023.

Please note that the deadline for ONLY the Graduate Student Paper Award was on JULY 20, 2022 and has now passed.

All awardees will receive the following:

  • $300 from the AURA-AAAS Endowment Fund. This gift honors the legacy of the Asians United to Raise Awareness (AURA) Fund and its founding mission: striving for positive social change by funding and developing programs that raise political and cultural awareness about and among the Asian American community.

The Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) invites nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award to honor an individual who has made an outstanding and lifelong contribution to the advancement of the field of Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies.

The Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) invites nominations for the AAAS Engaged Scholar Award. This award recognizes scholars who have applied their scholarship for the “public good” by addressing inequalities in our society and improving the AAPI community. This award will recognize scholars for their body of work and contributions, not individual projects, collaborations, or publications.

Examples of potential nominees include an individual, group, or organization with a record of publications (i.e. books, journal articles, policy reports, websites), sustained civic engagement projects, collaboration with community-based organizations, engagement of students in community-based projects or research, or applied research shaping public policies or benefitting the community. These projects may educate the broader community and engage AAPI communities through, for example, public art; historical preservation; or public health, educational, or urban planning policies. Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated for their record of engaged scholarship.

This award is given out every two years and will occur for the 2024 Annual Conference.

The Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) Excellence in Mentorship Award recognizes an AAAS member who has demonstrated outstanding mentorship of undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and/or colleagues.

The Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) Early Career Achievement Award recognizes a junior scholar who has made valuable contributions to the field in the early stage of their career (no more than seven years from the date the PhD was awarded). Nominees should show outstanding and innovative research in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies. Preference will be given to those who also exemplify excellence in teaching and demonstrate a commitment to campus, community, and/or professional service. Selection for this award is based on those who are most likely to become academic leaders in the future.

The Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) will award a prize to the best graduate student paper accepted for presentation at the 2022 AAAS conference in Denver, addressing any topic in Asian American or Pacific Islander American studies. Nominations are now due on July 20, 2022. This is a new deadline for the best graduate student paper as we pilot a new timeline.

Awardee must attend and present the selected paper at the 2023 AAAS conference to receive this prize.

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