Reading List – August 2023

Our monthly newsletter shares notices of new book publications that our members email us about. If you or someone whose permission you have has had a book published within the past 12 months, please share the title, subject or (inter)disciplinary area(s), and link in this form, and we will share it with members. 

TitleAuthorField / topicLink
Rebuilding Community: Displaced Women and the Making of a Shia Ismaili Muslim SocialityShenila Khoja-MooljiSouth Asian Americans; Migration Studies; Refugee Studies; Women's Studies; Islamic Studies
Asian American Players: Masculinity, Literature, and the Anxieties of WarAudrey Wu ClarkAsian American literary studies
Disciplinary Futures: Sociology in Conversation with American, Ethnic, and Indigenous StudiesNadia Y. Kim & Pawan Dhingracritical ethnic studies, sociology