Statement on the TAAF Grant Read

Director, Asian Pacific American Center, Smithsonian Institution

Deadline: September 18, 2023

The Smithsonian is seeking an individual to lead its Asian Pacific American Center (APAC) an essential means of representing and enhancing public understanding of the heritage of Asian & Pacific Island Americans and their historical and contemporary contributions to the American experience, world cultures, and humanity’s place in the natural world. This position reports directly to the Under Secretary for Museums & Culture.

  1. Provides vision and leadership for the representation of the Asian American experience at the Smithsonian and through directing the Asian Pacific American Center, advising the Secretary, Under Secretary for Museums & Culture and other officials, and collaborating with colleagues in and beyond the Smithsonian, and strategically implements scholarly and educational activities that realize that vision.
  2. Directs the Asian Pacific American Center, with responsibility for its scholarly activities, physical and virtual museum exhibitions, educational and public programs, its online presence, the development and management of its staff, advisory board, collaborative relationships, and volunteers, oversight and enhancement of its fiscal resources, and its consistency and compliance with Smithsonian policies, plans, and procedures.
  3. Raises funds for the Center and its activities. Develops relationships with corporate and philanthropic sectors, encourages and applies for government and foundation grants so as to increase resources available for research and educational activities focused upon Asian and Pacific American heritage and contributions to the American experience.  Works with the Office of Advancement as appropriate.
  4. Develops and coordinates a distinguished advisory board of public officials, and civic, business, philanthropic, and academic leaders with a view of supporting programs and initiatives and advancing the national interest in the representation of Asian and Pacific American achievement in history, arts, culture, science, and technology.
  5. Develops and maintains scholarly and educational relations with other Smithsonian museums, research centers, consortia, and programs, and seeks collaborative projects and activities that represent Asian and Pacific American heritage and contributions to the American experience. Such may involve joint staff appointments, collaborative research, exhibitions, educational and public programs, websites and publications, online and media products, community outreach, the acquisition of important artifacts, art, documentary and digital collections, etc., as well as helping manage any pan-Institutional funds and initiatives dedicated to Asian Pacific American projects.
  6. Promotes Institutional partnerships with museums, universities, educational consortia, and community organizations around the U.S. and beyond as appropriate.  Develops strategies that identify and encourage increased Asian and Pacific American candidate pools for Smithsonian employment. Facilitates opportunities to train Asian and Pacific Americans in museum-related fields of study, in an effort to increase internships and fellowships in the museum profession.
  7. Serves as primary liaison within the Smithsonian to Asian and Pacific American community groups, national organizations, scholarly and professional associations, academic departments and other organizations.  Aids the Secretary, Under Secretary, and Office of Government Relations in representing Asian and Pacific American activities, issues and needs at the Smithsonian to the Office of Management & Budget, the Regents, members and committees of Congress.
  8. Builds public awareness of all of the Smithsonian’s Asian and Pacific American programs and activities and works with the Office of Public Affairs as appropriate in order to do so.
  9. Maintains active scholarly or professional standing and reputation by conducting research, or publishing work, or making public presentations pertaining to the Asian and Pacific American experience in relevant fields.

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