AAAS Sections

Queer Studies

Chair: Chris A. Eng

In their 1998 collection Q&A, David L. Eng and Alice Hom articulated the critical rubric of “queer Asian American Studies,” forcibly arguing that we must be “unwilling to bifurcate our identities into the racial and the sexual.” The Queer Studies Section of AAAS will serve to collectively contemplate and organize around the productive intimacies and frictions between queer/Asian/America. We aim to generate structures of support and mentorship for scholars working at the intersection of these fields.

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Chair: Girum Jung

The Religion section supports and develops the field of Religious Studies in Asian American Studies.

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Social Science Studies

Chair: Teresa Swartz

This section aims to discuss ways social scientists can build bridges with scholars in the Humanities within AAAS, network inside/outside the conference, boost conference attendance and association membership, provide mentorship support, address issues and challenges that may arise among the membership, offer professional development such as workshops, identify intersecting vision/goals across disciplines, and promote interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary scholarship.

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South Asian

Chair: Kareem Khubchandani

Our mission is to create a space for South Asian and South Asian American members to promote our visibility, representation, and participation in the wider organization. Members are interested in building an expansive and inclusive sense of South Asian American, global South Asian, and South Asian diasporic studies. We're building intra-ethnic dialogues within South Asian and Asian American studies and fostering comparative, inter-racial connections.

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Southeast Asian

Chair: Lina Chhunn

This section was established with the mission of advancing teaching and research in the field of Southeast Asian American Studies. It provides a forum and active network for encouraging better relationships and communication between and among scholars of Southeast Asian descent. The section sponsors professional and social activities to facilitate increased understanding of the important work made in this area of study.

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