Statement in Support of Student Protestors and Recommitment to BDS Read

Support For Dismantling Global Hindutva

The Association for Asian American Studies proclaims its support for the principles of academic freedom.

Scholars and activists in North America who document and study Hindutva– a political movement that marginalizes, and endorses the persecution of, Indian minority communities, Dalits, and dissenting Hindus–have faced threats and harassment, as evidenced by events surrounding the recent academic conference held from September 10 to 12, 2021. Members of the conference, which was co-sponsored by more than 53 universities, received death threats against them and their families. Women participants have been subjected to misogynistic threats and religious minorities have been targeted with casteist and sectarian slurs. Sponsoring universities have been inundated with hate mail and accusations of anti-Hinduism.

It is our understanding that Hindutva is not equivalent to Hinduism, and scholarly examinations of the ideology of Hindutva are not instances of Hindu-phobia or racism against Hindus. AAAS supports our colleagues researching the Hindutva movement in contemporary South Asian politics and beyond.