Statement on the TAAF Grant Read

Rules for Submission on Sessionize

  1. You are only allowed to present ONE paper per meeting (Panel Paper or Individual Paper). If you submit more than one paper proposal, please indicate which paper you prefer to present.
  2. You may participate in the conference in a maximum of TWO different roles. For example, that means you can chair and present a paper, but you cannot be in two roundtables.
  3. Participants in proposed panel, workshops and roundtables (aside from the person who submits the application) do not have to be AAAS members. However, ALL participants must pay the conference registration fee (as members or non-members) prior to the conference in order to be included in the printed conference program.
  4. Although we welcome individual submissions, we encourage applicants to submit complete themed panels whenever possible; to make your panel as diverse and interdisciplinary as possible; and to assemble participants from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, regions, and institutions.Each session is limited to one and a half hours. All submissions should be typed and double-spaced. All submissions should be accompanied with the panel abstract, individual paper abstracts, and a brief CV (maximum of 500 words) for each participant. All notifications and announcements will be made by e-mail. Please make sure each presenter’s contact information is included with your submission.
  5. Due to the number of proposals, program co-chairs are unable to accommodate scheduling requests and will not be able to change dates and times should the proposal be accepted.
  6. Due to how Sessionize works, you will need to add presenter email addresses so that they may be linked to your panel/roundtable. Your presenters need to accept the Sessionize invitations to be tied to your submission in the platform system. While it is preferred that your presenters accept their Sessionize invitations in a timely manner, it will not negatively impact your final submission in the review process if they miss this step.
  7. Please be prepared to also upload the entire document of your submission in Sessionize as ONE file (e.g., if submitting a panel/roundtable, the file should consist of the information for every participant).

The 2025 conference will be held entirely in person.


Chairs introduce panel members, ensure that presenters keep within the time limits, and facilitate discussion. Paper presenters and discussants may chair a session in which they are presenting.

Discussants should offer critical comments on each paper and on the panel with an eye toward stimulating discussion. Discussants must send a brief biography for the purpose of introduction to the chair. Discussants may also serve as the session chair.

Paper presenters (including panelists, individual papers, and working papers) must send to the chair a brief biography for the purpose of introductions, and must send a copy of their paper to both the chair and discussant at least a month before the conference to ensure a substantive and stimulating session.

Roundtable and workshop participants prepare brief remarks rather than formal papers, to encourage discussion among participants and the audience. Participants must send a brief biography for the purposes of introduction to the chair.