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AAAS Fall Virtual Panel: Asian American Studies and K-12 Public Education

October 2022 — Since 2020, campaigns for Asian American Studies in public PK-12 education have seen significant gains across the U.S. Advocacy for policy change is one key aim in integrating AAS in PK-12, but it is not the only significant hurdle. Implementation is also a substantial challenge. The field of Asian American Studies is rich with content information, but few Asian Americanists are also grounded in the sciences of teaching and pedagogy across grade levels, teacher education and development, curriculum, and school district and state educational policies and practices in teaching standards and credentialing systems.

Guided by a framework of advocacy and implementation, this program provided an overview of the state of advocacy programs across the country, presented a framework for teaching AAS in PK-12, and articulated roles and provided resources for Asian Americanists in advocacy and implementation of AAS.

Watch the recording of the virtual panel:

Featured Speakers: Dr. Noreen Naseem Rodriguez (University of Colorado at Boulder), Phong Nguyen (student advocate, Illinois TEAACH Act), and Marisa Perez-Diaz (Texas State Board of Education Member).

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