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Queering Asian Settler Colonialism

October 6, 2022
1-2:30 pm (HST)

Moderator: Katherine Achacoso (UH Mānoa)/ Panelists: Josephine Ong (UCLA), Ashley Caranto Morford (PAFA), Nishant Upadhyay (University of Colorado Boulder)

In recent years, the literature on Asian Settler Colonialism has initiated important conversations on the intersections between Asian American and Indigenous Studies. These publications have remapped how diasporic Asian critiques might reimagine a more defiant anti-colonial and decolonial project in conversation with movements for abolition and Indigenous sovereignty (Trask; Fujiakne; Lawrence and Dua; Phung; Saranillio; Farrales; Jafri). This panel will trace various geneaologies of Asian settler activism in Oceania and Turtle Island and will further consider how queer politics might expand our current conversations in the field. 

We ask: How might queerness as an embodiment, a politics and ethics inform Asian settler activism? What are the limitations of queerness /queer politics? How do Asian settler attachments to liberal politics of inclusion reinforce settler colonial projects of dispossession? What role can queer of color critique play in disrupting this? 

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