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New Book Series: Between Asias and Americas

The University of Pittsburgh Press is pleased to announce the launch of a new scholarly series: Between Asias and Americas. This ambitious new series will feature scholarship that bridges Asian studies and American studies (conceived hemispherically to include Latin American studies and Asian American studies), while bringing into closer dialogue “area studies” and “ethnic studies” approaches to timely topics in a range of disciplines, foregrounding work in the social sciences while also welcoming boundary-crossing research in the humanities.

The series intends to become a platform for work that explores the flows and fluxes of populations, affects, cultures, ideas, technologies, and goods across the national, regional, continental, and maritime borders that interlace multiple Asias and multiple Americas. By focusing attention on the dynamic networks of commerce, migration, and interaction that connect these continents, the series encourages projects that rethink geographical and conceptual boundaries across both the Global North and the Global South, while being attentive to the identities and potential solidarities of subnational communities, vulnerable minorities, and indigenous peoples.

Between Asias and Americas invites proposals that investigate intercontinental interconnectivities involving West, Central, South, Southeast, and East Asia; the Pacific Islands; and North, Central, and South America, including the Caribbean.

The series will be edited by Sonia Ryang, T.T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Asian Studies, and Sidney X. Lu, Annette and Hugh Gragg Associate Professor of Transnational Asian Studies, both of Rice University in Houston. An international editorial board of distinguished academics will advise the editors and the Press on series matters.

Inquiries should be directed to William Masami Hammell, Senior Acquisitions Editor: [email protected]. Submission information is available on the University of Pittsburgh Press website. The series will publish monographs as well as edited collections and welcomes proposals from new and experienced scholars. Once up and running, the series aims to publish 2-3 books each year.

Learn more about this opportunity here.